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New Metal Roof and Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roofing is extremely robust and hard wearing with a 25 to 50 year life expectancy.  It is fire and spark resistant and stands up well against extreme weather like hail and snow.  Metal roofing is easily recyclable and can be more cost effective than other types of roof to install  (see Wikipedia for more information).  Liberale Roofing and Architectural Cladding can help in all aspects of metal roofing and roof restoration.  Contact us today for a free discussion on how to improve your home.

Architectural Cladding

kiama-2Architectural cladding is the installation of metal cladding without any visible fixings, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and environments.  These systems have been used in Europe for over 200years.  Utilising many different materials and profiles the choices are boundless.  We specialise in the installation of high quality metal cladding both externally and internally.  We will work with you to achieve the desired look of your project.  Service, attention t detail and craftsmanship are our flagships ensuring we bring your project to fruition on time and on budget.  Contact us for more information on cladding.

Cladding Aluminium Window & Steel Structure Junctions

cosham-7Modern living demands beautiful light filled homes that often have aluminium framed windows and doors against steel structure.  The minimal tolerance of aluminium framing can result in unsightly gaps and drafts in the junction with steel posts and beams.  We can assist by creating aluminium cover plates which marry in seamlessly with the detail of the aluminium windows.  Our meticulously considered and custom designed cover plates ensure that the aluminium framing, cover plates and steel structure seamlessly combine to create the clean, modern look required while still being air and water tight.  Contact us for more information on cover plates.

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